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Harris Essentials Walls & Ceilings Roller On A Pole 9in

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Harris Essentials 11 Piece Decorating Set

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For use on interior walls, ceilings, and woodwork. Soft sleeves for use with emulsion paint, foam sleeve for use with gloss paint. For best results, rinse light-colored brush heads and roller sleeves before use to remove any dust. For dark bristle brushes and foam roller sleeves rub with a clean hand before use to remove any dust particles. Do not wet.


This pack contains two types of brushes. Brushes with light grey and white bristles should be used with water-based paints such as emulsion. After painting with these, first remove the excess paint. Then wash in warm soapy water ensuring all paint is removed. Finally allow to dry naturally with the brush head flat.

Paintbrushes in this pack with black bristles are for use with oil-based paints, such as gloss, satin and eggshell. These paints require specialised cleaners, please refer to the paint tin for further guidance.

Emulsion rollers in the pack will have a fluffy texture. These can be cleaned after use with water based paints, such as emulsion. First remove the excess paint with a multi-tool. Then wash in warm soapy water. Use the multi-tool to scrape over the surface of the roller to ensure all paint is removed. Allow to dry standing up.


  • Colour: Black, white and grey
  • Material: PP, Foam, Polyester

What’s included

  • 1 x 9″ /4″ Roller Tray
  • 1 x 9″ /4″ Roller Frame
  • 1 x 9″ Roller Sleeve – Emulsion
  • 1 x 4″ Roller Sleeve – Emulsion
  • 1 x 4″ Roller Sleeve – Gloss
  • 1 x Sanding Block
  • 1 x Pack 3-Paint Brushes


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